Frequently Asked Questions

What is so funny about plants?

I don’t know. I leave the task of finding humor in it to you.

Why does this website exist?

With all the captioning going on everywhere, I felt that plants needed their day in the sun, too. It’s a natural progression. Cats lead to plants, eventually. Duh.

How can I help LOLplants be funny?

Well, you can caption images and submit them, for one. Also, if you liked LOLplants, tell a friend or two, to help the site grow.

What website do you use to listen to music?

I use Pandora- I find that the key to a positive listening experience is starting with a good seed.

Do you ever plan to make a mobile app for this site?

When the time is ripe, I’ll consider it.

Why did you put all of the puns in italics?

I try to avoid flowery prose, and focus on the stuff that matters. In this FAQ, puns matter. I do feel a bit dirty for inflicting them upon you, though. And to be honest it’s kind of a pain in the grass coming up with all of them.

I’m glad you made LOLplants, and want to see more. Will you be updating the site frequently?

Thank you very mulch for the encouragement! I’ll try to keep things updated, although I may branch off and do some other projects.