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  1. Ruler of the Universe says:

    What kinds of plants are those?
    And I think it’s smiling at me…

  2. Vote 4 Pedro says:

    Rafelasia. Or something.

  3. I'm be this many! *spazric hand movement* says:

    Haha!!! That’s awesome!

  4. Ash Ketchum says:


  5. Brock says:

    I hate you ash i was gonna say that until you did, after all im the pokemon expert

  6. BellatrixR4kids says:

    Guys. I heard that that’s one of most disgusting plants in the world. It smells like rotting corpses or something.


  7. Misty says:

    Now guys, calm down. Your fighting might awaken the vileplume. And togepi’s sleeping.

  8. Prof. Oak says:

    Foolish children, keep quiet. If the Vileplume wakes, you’re all going to get acid spit in your eyes. Know what happens then? Think before you create a huge mess.

  9. nerdasaur says:

    those vileplume are hella powerful.

  10. professor elm says:

    can anyone guess what pokemon they originated from? anyone?

  11. funwes says:


  12. Pokétech Student says:

    That would be Oddish, who evolves into Gloom at level 21 and into Vileplume if a leaf stone is used thereafter.

  13. Red says:

    duh who doesnt kno that! idiots like team rocket.

  14. Chuck says:

    Sorry to break the chain, but most Pokemon come from something in real life. Charmander comes fron the salamander, Charmeleon comes from the chameleon, and Charizard comes from the lizard.

  15. Non says:

    Its a ROFLasia.

  16. Shroom (aka dragonite x3) says:

    *rawrs* (It seems that gloomie is hungry. I mean, hes opening his mouth all like: “HAAAAAH IM HUNGREH MANNN!”)
    Anyway, nice pokemon chain going. :D

  17. Andrea siswanto says:

    That flowers name is Raflesia..
    you can see this only in Indonesia…!! :D

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