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8 Responses to “144”

  1. Tereglith says:

    It’s only a matter of time before a site like this has a HP reference. Right on!

  2. Ahh_Ginger says:

    Bloody Hell, Harry! That’s not any tree, it’s the Whomping Willow!

  3. ThatNerdChynna says:

    yes! HP, FTW!!!

  4. Ronald Weasley Impersonator says:

    My wand, look at my wand!

    Harry Potter references are the best to read on random sites! xD

  5. The REAL Harry Potter says:

    Just our luck we had to get the tree that hits back, eh Ron? Ron? RON? RONNNN!

  6. RemusLupin says:

    Merlin’s beard! That is NOT a funny tree!

  7. The REAL Harry Potter says:

    You would say that.


    Teh tree has teh muncheez!

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