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  1. Winky says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh… how long have we been doing this?

  2. Vince says:

    Hey, it’s Vince, the Shamwow guy

  3. Winky says:

    Hey Vince. Glad to see you’re back.

  4. Klowee says:

    A long time. Since last year sometime. Around July XD

  5. Winky says:

    Bro. We’ve known each other for so long.
    Your heart’s been aching, but you’re just trying to say it

  6. Klowee says:


    Lets have a toast. To us!

  7. Klowee says:

    Happy Easter, by the way :D

  8. Winky says:

    To all the memories. And combo breakers.

    And happy Easter, those of you who celebrate it!

  9. Klowee says:

    If a turtle loses its shell, does that mean it’s naked or homeless?

  10. Cee-Lo Green says:

    I see you driving
    Round town with the girl I love
    And I’m like HAIKU

    I guess the change in
    My pocket wasn’t enough
    And I’m like HAIKU

  11. Turtle says:

    I RESENT THAT!!!!!!!!!!1!1111!!one!!!!!eleven!!1!!!1!1onehundredeleven!!!1!1!1!1!!!1onethousandonehunderdeleven!1!1!1!1!1!!!!1!1!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!1!1111111!1!11!11!

  12. Winky says:

    @ Cee-Lo: That is the most amazing revelation I have ever had the privelige to witness. It’s all haikus. This excites me.

    @ Klowee and Turtle: It’s just dead. The shell is part of its spine :D

  13. Turtle says:

    I knew tha… NO! NOT THE SHEL…

    (Turtle dies and respawns)

  14. Cee-Lo Green says:

    Sorry, can’t afford
    A ferarri but that don’t
    Matter get you there

    She’s an Xbox, I’m
    More an Atari, the way
    She plays game ain’t fair.

  15. Cee-Lo Green says:

    *Matter still get
    *Plays her game

    (Not full haiku but close)

  16. Winky says:

    @Turtle: Get to a PokeCenter, stat!

    @Cee-Lo: Close enough.

  17. Cee-Lo Green says:

    (Finds Turtle’s spawn point and rips off shell while making noises that are the cross between an owl, a dog, and osmium-162)

  18. Cee-Lo Green says:

    WHO SAYS I CAN’T COD?!?!?!

  19. Winky says:


  20. Rahiga says:

    Hey, it’s Rahiga, the ShamWOOHOO guy.

  21. Osmium-162 says:

    I RESENT THAT!!!!!! (I’m not doing as much as Turtle because I don’t have the time.)

  22. Cee-Lo Green says:

    Sorry, insanity break (I get those a lot).

  23. Random Guy 1 says:

    I just noticed that one of the guys in Happy Feet is a lot like Cee-Lo Green. He’s fat, crazy, and has a lot of girls.

  24. Winky says:

    Also, he has the hair.

  25. Russia says:


  26. Klowee says:

    Whoa. Suddenly the comments in this picture are blowing up ^_____^

  27. Winky says:

    @Klowee: I know… a wild host of other people appeared!

    @Russia: Ummhey do you watch Hetalia by any chance?

  28. People says:

    *Left because no posts*

  29. Random Guy 1 says:

    His name is Lovelace.
    Lovelace has hair.
    Cee-Lo Green does not.

  30. Winky says:

    Hair. I have hair too.

    So just out of curiosity, has anyone here seen Salad Fingers?

  31. Russia says:

    @Winky – Yes.

  32. Rahiga says:

    Why listen to good music when you can listen to music distorted by little children? Now with ChildrensBop, you can! And now you can get PubertyBop, SpeechimpededementstutteringBop, and your very own BiBamBop, too!

  33. Other Emo Kid says:

    *Changes name to Charles*

    *Still emo

  34. Winky says:

    Anyone would become emo with all this bopping about.

  35. SpeechimpededementstutteringBop says:


  36. Charles says:

    Guys, Check out “Is It a Good Idea To Microwave This?”

  37. Klowee says:

    Goodnight, lovelies.

  38. Winky says:

    So… whaddup?

  39. OHHAI says:


  40. Klowee says:


  41. Winky says:


  42. Klowee says:


  43. Winky says:

    Ughghiurhlafd so tired.

  44. Klowee says:

    I’ve fallen in love with Billy Talent again.

  45. Winky says:

    Billy Talent? The Juno award-winning Canadian band?

    I love Wikipedia.

  46. Random Guy 2 says:

    My IQ drops 50% when Wikipedia has their system downed.


  47. Winky says:

    OHO! Sparkplugs.

  48. Belarus says:

    Marry marry marry…

  49. Klowee says:

    This site is officially dead.

  50. Aslal says:

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m back.

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