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  1. Ewerth (real) says:

    Dillllllon is the pun master!

  2. superherosecretspyprincess says:

    i dont think that i get it…

  3. Hiba says:

    LOL Dilllon you are too awesome.

  4. LOL says:


  5. She says:

    New post anytime soon?

  6. LOL says:


  7. LMAO says:

    LMAO, LOL!

  8. HAHAHA says:


  9. dillllllon says:

    thanks (: I hate to do this, but I only have like 35 followers…twitter? @dillllllon

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sooo, are we gonna get some new pics soon or what? x]

  11. superherosecretspyprincess says:

    EXACTLY!!! i submitted like 3, so hopefully they will show up soon. i concur, mr. anonymous.

  12. Mmmyes.... says:

    Mmmmyesss…..I submitted a few as well…………mm..

  13. Winky says:

    There has been a disturbing lag in pictures.

  14. She says:

    Two weeks now since a post, I see. Haha.

  15. Death says:

    That is putting me off…

  16. superherosecretspyprincess says:

    my name is what? my name is who? my name is TRIM SHADY!

  17. She says:

    Mmyes, you’re awesome, lol.

  18. Winky says:

    Oh dear, a disturbing lack of comments also… none since this morning? Where is everyone?

  19. superherosecretspyprincess says:

    im right here, winky!

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Hiba says:

    *winking at Winky*

  22. Anonymous says:

    *loses almost all hope for new pics* :U

  23. Your mom says:

    Go to sleep!

  24. Ewerth (real) says:

    Ewerth wants an update.

  25. SC says:

    I’m ready to just forget that this website ever existed. Once in a while the website seems to disappear entirely, and they haven’t put a new post up in over 2 weeks. What’s wrong?

  26. Anonymous says:

    *leaves site forever*

  27. Sophie-osity says:

    Three weeks, well, I’m enraged! lol.

  28. Klowee says:

    OH MY GOD!
    @she says, I read your name RIGHT as I was listening to Sum 41, and the line was “and she says”
    Best part of my day.

  29. :3 cat says:

    You peoples maketh me laugh. Literally.

  30. Klowee says:


  31. Shroom says:

    >_< I noticed this site has had a disturbing lag. Actually, I just discovered it. I find it hilarious so Im telling my friends about it and Im looking for a plant outside that is funny (or I could make funny) that I can post. *shrug* Look on the brightside, it'll make a comeback.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Trim Shady?? He’s like my best friend! No… i fail.

  33. Me says:

    I think it would have been funnier if you said “Will the real trim shady please cut cut”

  34. Ackbar says:

    It’s a trap!

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