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  1. Ewerth (real) says:

    Hahahahehehehohoho PUNS!!!

  2. superherosecretspyprincess says:

    lol, whoever “dilllllon” is, you are HI-LARIOUS!!! keep writing more lolplants!

  3. spitfire says:

    im on a grain, remember my name
    rice rice baby

  4. LOL says:

    hehe, lol, rofl, lmao, roflcopter.

  5. dillllllon says:

    thanks (: I hate to do this, but I only have like 35 followers…twitter? @dillllllon

  6. frickinawesome says:

    ohh wow. such. a. cowinkydink. when i was four and didn’t really know the words to the song, I would sing “rice, rice, gravy.” sometimes i would eat rice and gravy haha

  7. Harrypotternerd says:

    Wow, today in English class we listened to Ice Ice Baby. Really funny!

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