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  1. superherosecretspyprincess says:

    FINALLLY!!!! we got new posts!!!!

  2. Hiba says:

    Damn, dilllllon, you got the whole page to yourself!:D *handing you some shades to put on*

  3. funwes says:

    dillllllon is secretly admin

  4. Ewerth (real) says:

    Ewerth is real. Ewerth is happy with updates. Ewerth thinks dillllllon is punny. Ewerth likes this song. Ewerth dances.

  5. superherosecretspyprincess says:

    dillllllon….i am asking you this as a friend….ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE OVER LOLPLANTS?!?!?!?!

  6. dillllllon says:

    Yes. Yes I was. But now there are other posters. I have failed.

  7. superherosecretspyprinces says:

    ultimately. YOU HAVE FAILED ULTIMATELY!!!! nothing personal. anyways, i can always team up with u in this quest. after all, i am a superherosecretspyprincess!!!

  8. They call me spaz says:

    If a spaz is ever needed, let me know.

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