Submitted by Bezmo.

6 Responses to “1010”

  1. funwes says:

    I’m so scared, you might call me…


  2. Ewerth (real) says:

    @funwes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am in a grand ol’ Ewerth mood today!

  3. funwes says:

    Good to have you here, Ewerth!

  4. hotti with a bodii says:

    eww ur losers grow up

  5. funwes says:

    Your horribly misspelled name made that comment five times as hilarious as it already was. Thanks for the laugh :D

  6. Shroom says:

    @funwes, I agree with Ewerth(real) x3 I broke out laughing when I saw that. @”hotti with a bodii”, YOU should grow up. Going around with that name and ruining others’ fun is just not… right. Have a nice day ^_^

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